There’s more to tell about Fred!

Fred with his friends in MachaWe told you recently about a young lad called Fred from Macha who got to fly in a plane. We mentioned that he had many medical and practical needs to be met in the future and we were believing God to meet them for him. Not many days after the special flight which we described in the item, ‘To fly like a bird’, there is a great post script to add.

FlySpec – the name stands for Flying Specialists – partners with Flying Mission. The Director, Dr Jellis, a man with many years of experience in Zambia in the area of plastic surgery and orthopaedics, has undertaken to help Fred with his medical needs, including prosthetic limbs, if possible. When asked, he responded immediately with this reply:

‘Dr Lastroni will be visiting Macha next week and Dr Goran will be there in April. They will see Fred to determine whether his stumps are ready for fitting.’

We are quite sure that this news will put another big smile on that delightful young face and be a great relief to his mother.  We want to rejoice with this family and give thanks to God and our FlySpec friends.

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