Through the eyes of a child

Tabea KradolferThis piece has been submitted by Tabea, the oldest of the 3 children in the Kradolpher household. This Swiss family came to Zambia to be with Flying Mission from Afghanistan .
This is how Tabea saw it a year or two ago:

I did not know Zambia existed

Until it became my home.

But when I did, I thought it would be a desert

Where animals roam.

And oh, I was proved wrong.

While people thought all Africans are starving and sad,

The truth is that not everything here is so bad.

Zambia’s not bare and dry, unable to sustain life,

Nor is it full of conflict and strife.

But no, this land continues to flourish

And the talents of young artists

They continue to nourish.

While rumors say there’s only poverty and death,

And you only come here to take your last breath,

Actually lots of different people live here,

And not all of them live in fear.

People will say that our “houses” are mud huts

And that all of us have gone nuts,

But the truth is that Zambia’s not bad to live in

And everyone should have a chance to see the happiness within.

The country we live in is part of civilization

And the motto we know is One Zambia, One Nation. 


Thank you Tabea, for correcting some stereotypical ideas! We’re very glad that you and your family do live and work here to assist Flying Mission Zambia. Perhaps we can persuade you to write another poem based on your feelings 2 years later… I think it would be another interesting piece to read.