Timo and Nina join the team

Jonathan with Timo and Nina

It was when they were attending the graduation of pilot Jonathan Weaver from the JAARS flight training programme, that John and Faith Solt first met Timo and Nina. Timo was undergoing Technical Evaluation.* 

They would meet them again when the couple came to Zambia for three weeks to find out what serving with Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) would be like.  ‘They earned a very special place in our hearts as they asked many questions and participated in various ministries. We knew they would fit in well with the team’ reports pilot John (now retired from FMZ).  

In preparation for service with FMZ, Timo, like Jonathan, was required to complete the JAARS flight training.  Faith and John wanted to see the couple again so they made plans to attend Timo’s graduation. One of John’s commercial students provided his aeroplane – a Piper Arrow – and God provided beautiful weather for the flight, although storm clouds threatened at one point.

JAARS training aims to prepare pilots for every situation they might meet whilst bush flying.  Timo especially enjoyed his final week, when he flew in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee.   Nina enjoyed getting together with the wives of the instructors, who shared their own experiences of being pilots’ wives. 

Now this couple is ready to serve in Zambia.  ‘As we said good bye to Timo and Nina that day we were already looking forward to hearing how God will use them in a mighty way as they serve with Flying Mission there.’

*Flying Mission Zambia requires all aviation candidates to be Technically Evaluated (TE) to determine whether they have the propensity to serve as an aviation professional.  FMZ has partnered with JAARS in Waxhaw, North Carolina to provide this evaluation.  It is one of the most experienced missionary aviation agencies.