Using what’s in their hands!

It was a day Evelyn Driediger says she has been dreaming of for a long time.

After almost a year and a half teaching patchwork and quilting classes to a group of four ladies, they were on this day celebrating their challenging journey, in a ceremony showcasing their achievements.

In 2007 God called Ev and her husband Walt from Canada to Botswana where Walt would work for Flying Mission Services. At this time, Ev had no idea what her calling would be…

Ev admits she was shocked when in 2008 Flying Mission Care Ministries (FMC) asked her to teach patchwork and quilting. “I didn’t expect God would make my ministry something I love so much” she said.

Resources were limited but God went before Ev placing a box of quilting materials in her hands. Since then He has carried on providing as she continued sharing her skills with more groups of women.

For this group of ladies, the journey started in May 2011. During almost fifty lessons they learned techniques enabling them to make bible covers, bags and quilts. At the ceremony each presented their quilt, telling us about the work involved in making it, and reflecting on their journeys.

Sister Angela joined the group after hearing of “A lady who quilts like magic, and was sharing her skills.” She told us, “Little did I know I’d need maths. I struggled and was challenged. It was a long journey. I am very happy and proud to achieve my goal with the help and encouragement of Ev- a dedicated, tolerant, loving servant of God.”

Mma Lizzie wanted to learn quilting so she could pass the skill to others at her home-based care unit. “It was a difficult journey with calculations and measurements. I thank Evelyn for her patience, guidance and encouragement, and FM for bringing her to us”

Mma Agnes, who is gifted in sewing and calculations encountered health problems and failing eyesight, and missed half the lessons. Despite this she is close to finishing her quilt and was well enough to attend the ceremony. Finally, there is Mma Rachel who now generates income through making and selling patchwork bags using the skills she learned.

At the ceremony Ev talked of Tabitha, a disciple known for making robes and clothes and helping others. Like Tabitha, in these ladies hands are needles, thread and fabric.  The Ladies were encouraged to see their God-given skills, remember to use them, and go forth and share their talents to bless others. When I talked with the ladies following the ceremony, they were all keen to do this. 

Since 2007, Ev has used her God-given gifts and blessed many women through sharing those gifts.  FMC is so thankful to Ev for giving her time, energy, commitment, and spiritual encouragement to others. The legacy she leaves behind in all the ladies she has taught, is a skill to be passed on to others. As she now returns to Canada we pray she and Walt will have a blessed future in whatever God has for them next.

FMC is looking for someone to continue this programme, as well as resources such as sewing machines, fabric, and supplies. Please join us in praying for Gods provision in this area. If you can help, please contact the FM Office.