Visitors – we love ’em!

Whole team from Texas

Flying Mission missionaries know the importance of keeping their supporters ‘up to speed’ with events, so they try to write bi-monthly reports. Sometimes their friends are so inspired by what they read that they come out and get their hands dirty alongside those they support. This happened to the Kradolfers recently. They wrote about it this month:

“Just recently we had a short term team from Longview Texas visit Chilongolo. The team was from Fellowship Bible Church, our home church from our LeTourneau University time. They came as a team of 11 to support us here at Flying Mission with their gifts, passions, and talents.”

Whilst they were here, there were

  • cars fixed
  • metal cut
  • doors welded
  • cabinet doors made out of wood
  • mosquito screens built
  • rooms painted
  • desks assembled
  • Bible Clubs for the neighbourhood kids
  • guesthouses walls fixed, and many more things.

Take a look:

tough job working with children women at work



One of the highlights was a flight to the bush where we were able to serve a community school for a day.We rolled up our sleeves and got involved with: moving a library, building shelves, clearing the runway of thorn bushes, assembling bunk beds, and, at the end, even eating a traditional meal with the students.

The trip was over too fast, but we all got blessed tremendously in many ways.




many hands...THANK YOU Texas team! You guys rock! What an encouragement to serve alongside brothers and sisters from all over the world.

Thank you all for your faithful support in prayers and finances. You make it possible for us to be here!’ say the Kradolfers.

 If you think you could help out as a church or even as an individual, please do get in touch with the Flying Mission office for details of how to go about it. And you can read about other team visits on this site if you need a bit more of an idea of what it may be like.