Want to make it happen for Prince?

Prince at MICSThis is Prince. He boards at MICS, the community school in Macha, rural Zambia. He needs a suitable wheel chair to use around rough-ground Macha. An organisation has kindly donated one. It is in a container in the USA. It can’t be shipped till there are funds. Until it comes, Prince is having great difficulty wheeling around the village and school complex.

Director of MICS, Ronda Krause, says this:

‘During the past year and a half MICS has been blessed by some very special donors from Orphans Promise who graciously donated the funds to build a second boarding home for MICS. dorm building MICSThis dorm and boarding house will enable MICS to house more orphans and vulnerable children, allow MICS to have a girls and a boys dorm, and allow us to take in children from a distance so we can have enough children in the school to balance the budget… thus allowing MICS to become sustainable for the Zambians.’

If you would like to help with the shipping costs of the container, which is full of donated/purchased provisions for the dormitory block for MICs, friends help Princethen it would be appreciated by the school leaders, community and children alike.

And for Prince, the sooner he can get into his chair, the sooner he can gain more independence. Ronda says:

‘His friends at boarding pray every night that Prince’s wheel chair will get here fast for him.  They see how he struggles and how necessary it is for him.’

Want to help to make this happen? Contact MICS for details of how to give.


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