Zambian deliveries

Dr JohnSubmitted by John Solt, Flying Mission Zambia pilot.

When I flew resident Chitokoloki surgeon, David McAdam, his surgical staff , and a visiting doctor, to a remote hospital in NW Province,  I found myself more involved than I had expected! There were eight surgeries lined up for the day. One was an emergency C-section delivery to which I was invited. Do you think I scrubbed up well?

The next morning I was preparing to fly back to Lusaka International Airport to drop off two short-term missionaries when I was asked if I could carry a baby who was suffering from hydrocephalus. The Chitokoloki hospital was not baby familyable to help this child and was referring him to a children’s hospital in Lusaka. This child was going to die unless he underwent complicated surgery to install a shunt in his brain to drain spinal fluid. Unfortunately the ride was very rough and I had to climb to 10,000 feet in an effort to find smoother air for my passengers. I could hear the baby crying for most of the flight. The trip seemed incredibly long even though it was only 3 hours. I remembered, however, that the road trip would have taken 12-14 hours and been very much harder on the little patient. He may not have made it if he had gone that way. I was able to deliver him safely to Lusaka for the essential surgery.
Travelling by road becomes longer and harder during the 5 months of rainy season (November to March), so life-saving flights like these are more frequent during those months.  When the Zambian people face the tough times, we at Flying Mission are so grateful to be able to help them in the Name of Jesus.